Saturday, August 21, 2010

DIY Toddler T-Shirt Dress, Featured Etsy Shop!

Hope you all have been great!  I have been busy with CRAZY CRAFTS!

So off my last Blog post I had mentioned my Disaster #1.  The Failed Snap T-Shirt!!!  Well, I decided to cut the snap off which left a hole in the center of the shirt!  I didn't know what to do with the shirt so I thought back to an idea that I had seen before, which was someone who too fabric and cut it into the shape of a bird then sewed it onto the shirt!  It was a cute idea, however I didn't really want to spend that much time sewing!

  Here is what the Shirt looked like once I finished what I wanted to to cover the hole.  (step by step instructions will follow.)

Step one:  Take a T-Shirt of any size, mine was a 2T which had a hole in the center!!!
Step Two:  Find Fabric with a large pattern to cut out,  cut a Sqare out around pattern.
Step Three:  Cut the same size square of UNDER WONDER.. (yes I said under wonder, not underwear.)
Step Four:  Place Pattern right side up on rough side of Under wonder.
Step Five:  Place hot Iron (setting Wool) on top of pattern for 15-20 seconds.
Step Six:  When the fabric has cooled pull off the paper on opposite side of Underwonder
LAST STEP:  Place the Pattern (right side up) on Shirt,  Make sure it's where you want it and set iron on top for another 15-20 seconds.  Once it's cooled you are DONE!!! 

Now I went another step further.  I had a sewing pattern for a cute skirt.... Now I know I said I didn't want to sew, but I just thought it would make a cute dress, so I had to!!!  I already had the Fabric flower in the same pattern.

I used the owl fabric and cut out the skirt and obviously sewed it together very quick, then attached it to the bottom of the shirt then attached the flower to the shirt!  It would have been perfect if only I noticed I cut the front of the skirt out upside down!!!!!!!!!!  AHHH!!  Oh well it's still adorable on my precious angel!

Leave your comments and requests on DIY ideas you would like to know how to do! 


She makes the most BEAUTIFUL Custom made Wall plaques with Monogramming!  They are great!  Bought a couple myself for our bedroom!  ;)   Can't wait to get them!

Have a great night and don't forget to tell your friends and family about my blog, etsy site and website!  I always take custom order requests!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creations and Disasters! Great Etsy Shop Feature!

So I got 4 hours of sleep last night!  How many of you can't fall asleep because you have a great idea brewing in your head?  Well, that was me last night into the weeeee hours of the morning!  I found myself awake and unable to sleep until 3:00AM!!!  I had idea after idea popping into my head!  I couldn't fulfill them because I didn't have the materials to do so.  I then forced my self to go lay down as I continued to ponder over how to make a particular creation!

Once I got out of bed this morning it was almost a mad dash to get the kids packed and out to MDO (Mom's Day Out) and Preschool!  I had to actually wake my 31/2 year old up which I always dread doing.  Once I said the word "school" he was up and out!  Here are the cuties dressed packed and ready to go!

This was Annabelle's First day at MDO!!!  Big Girl!

So once I dropped the kids off I stopped by my favorite place, my addiction, Hobby Lobby... Oh you know you love it too!!!  Got my items that were keeping me awake all night long headed home and began to create!  My attempt to make an interchangeable Snap shirt!  I keep dreaming of having different colored shirts affixed with snaps so I can change what goes on the front....  For example This beauty: The Handmade Fabric Flower!

First off the flower is to low I know!  Because I originally thought of putting Fuzzy things like the little Miss. Spider as shown in previous Blog, or this cutie, The Pink Flamingo: This is where disaster #1 came into play!  Although this flamingo is adorable, he/she required to many snaps to hold him on!  What would I do if I put miss. Spider on and had 1 or 2 extra snaps showing with nothing to put there?  On to a new plan!   

Disaster #2.... While I was creating a new set of Pushpins and magnets I looked up for a second after placing some hot glue on the material, When I went to pick it up I BURNED my left index finger and quickly tried to get it off with my right hand.... yes that's right BURN... I then burned my right thumb! I continued to repeat this maybe 4 times over trying to get it off!!!  OHHHHH MY!  Pay attention while using hot objects. I will blame this on the 4 hours of sleep!  They still came out cute!

Overall the day was a success because I created two BEAUTIFUL Handmade Fabric Flowers! Check them out on my Etsy store, just visit:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Creations and Neat finds of the day!

Today I spend a good portion of the day creating!  There's the little Miss. Spider Hair clip... super cute!!!

I also created a display and Play Backgammon Board.  This was actually my husbands idea and my overall design!  What we can come up with when we put both our heads together!!!  LOVE IT!  My design is inspired by My Mother In Law who loves Owls and Backgammon!  Bless her heart I still can't play right! :)  Maybe she likes that so that she always wins!  Who wouldn't love that!

Final creation of the day are my Glass marble Magnets and Push Pins!  These can be created either way!
These are so fun and really spice up the boards and fridge! 

All of these Creations can be seen and purchased at my Etsy shop!  Just visit the link provided:

I was blessed today to be featured on the front page of
my beautiful Pumpkin patch with old lace clips made it on there!  So FUN!

I met some great people on the Etsy Chat sight and found some awesome finds.  Here's a like to my favorite shop!  You must go see and check her things out! AMAZING tallent!

Thanks everyone for visiting.  I promise tomorrow I will post something with a little more funny pep!  And some more great finds!  maybe even some DIY Creation ideas!!!! 

Have a great night!