Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creations and Disasters! Great Etsy Shop Feature!

So I got 4 hours of sleep last night!  How many of you can't fall asleep because you have a great idea brewing in your head?  Well, that was me last night into the weeeee hours of the morning!  I found myself awake and unable to sleep until 3:00AM!!!  I had idea after idea popping into my head!  I couldn't fulfill them because I didn't have the materials to do so.  I then forced my self to go lay down as I continued to ponder over how to make a particular creation!

Once I got out of bed this morning it was almost a mad dash to get the kids packed and out to MDO (Mom's Day Out) and Preschool!  I had to actually wake my 31/2 year old up which I always dread doing.  Once I said the word "school" he was up and out!  Here are the cuties dressed packed and ready to go!

This was Annabelle's First day at MDO!!!  Big Girl!

So once I dropped the kids off I stopped by my favorite place, my addiction, Hobby Lobby... Oh you know you love it too!!!  Got my items that were keeping me awake all night long headed home and began to create!  My attempt to make an interchangeable Snap shirt!  I keep dreaming of having different colored shirts affixed with snaps so I can change what goes on the front....  For example This beauty: The Handmade Fabric Flower!

First off the flower is to low I know!  Because I originally thought of putting Fuzzy things like the little Miss. Spider as shown in previous Blog, or this cutie, The Pink Flamingo: This is where disaster #1 came into play!  Although this flamingo is adorable, he/she required to many snaps to hold him on!  What would I do if I put miss. Spider on and had 1 or 2 extra snaps showing with nothing to put there?  On to a new plan!   

Disaster #2.... While I was creating a new set of Pushpins and magnets I looked up for a second after placing some hot glue on the material, When I went to pick it up I BURNED my left index finger and quickly tried to get it off with my right hand.... yes that's right BURN... I then burned my right thumb! I continued to repeat this maybe 4 times over trying to get it off!!!  OHHHHH MY!  Pay attention while using hot objects. I will blame this on the 4 hours of sleep!  They still came out cute!

Overall the day was a success because I created two BEAUTIFUL Handmade Fabric Flowers! Check them out on my Etsy store, just visit:


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ShaRhonda said...

If you keep burning yourself your not gonna be able to have any fingers to work with......the kids look sooo cute!! Love the push pins!

Patricia Lawwill said...

I feel terrible for laughing about the burn incident, but it reminds me of the last time that I used a hot glue gun, when I was 10!

I was in a homeschool craft class and managed to make the same mistake that you did (with the left to right OW OW OW panicking motion).

My mother was called to pick me up and by the time she arrived, both hands were wrapped (mummified as I called it) to the point that I couldn't use them. Perhaps that is why I am so scared of crafts, after all, I haven't used a glue gun since.